Monthélie 2007, Geneviève et Gérard Petitjean

I picked up this bottle of Monthélie blanc during a "portes ouvertes" weekend. Not having heard of the domaine I was sucked into their garden by the promise of "six escargots" and then felt obliged to taste the wine. I felt a general sense of unease at the domaine, of cunning peasants fleecing the English ingenu. Over-charging on the escargots and palming off under par wine on the polite visitor who was unable to complain at the lack of a crachoir due to a full throat of chardonnay. So much for the preamble, what about the wine? Soft lemon and pear nose, cooked leek, whiffs of vanilla, banana yoghurt, egg white. Bizarre but at least it has character! Broad, baked apple flavour, no length, metallic, one dimensional. Not bad, more like inappropriate and surprisingly heavy for a 2007. Did they chaptalize? Are you allowed to do that? Anyway, an intriguing wine. Awful and amazing. Scored 16 / 30 for a Monthélie blanc.


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