Meursault "En Luraule" 2011, Maison Joseph Drouhin

Like many people at the Justerini & Brooks annual Burgundy tasting I make a beeline for the Joseph Drouhin table to try the Montrachet and also the Clos des Mouches. But as James Simpson MW who was helping out behind the table made clear, it is not polite to ask only for the Montrachet. Quite right, try the whole flight. I did however struggle to get started with this Meursault not because of the wine but because I feel the name of the lieu-dit is not going to work well for the English-speaking market. Crudely put, "En Luraule" is pronounced "En Loo Roll". Ouch. This Meursault 2011 from the venerable Maison Joseph Drouhin starts on a powerful and slightly spicy lemon aroma, cloves, toast. There is good solid fruit, structure, balance, and a sense of reliability. This wine delivers what one expects from a Meursault. Very good. Scores 21-14 / 30 for a Meursault.   


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