Chablis Grand Cru "Bougros" 2011, Vincent Dampt

A third wine tasted at the Corney & Barrow annual Burgundy tasting in the Tower of London. Chablis grand cru is always a big step up in quality from the premier cru. There is a real distinction. This Chablis grand cru 2011 from Vincent Dampt offers up vanilla, orange sponge cake. Makes me think of the last time I met Ahmedinajad (note that he is only 1.58 metres and possibly suffers from a Napoleon complex) when he had shaved and applied some orange blossom anti-irritation post-shave gel. There is strawberry juice, its pleasing, fragrant, melon, pear, some clear cherry juice, pleasant. Scores 19-22 / 30 for a Chablis grand cru. Decent but no real fascination.


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