Bourgogne Rouge 2003, Jacques Cacheux

The French, the Americans, the Australians, pretty much every nation believes that the English enjoy decrepit old wines. Does a Bourgogne rouge from 2003 qualify? The colour is remarkable, dark cherry with an opaque centre more like a Cornas or Pomerol. Attractive but faint black cherry, date, candied orange and cedar wood aromas. The aroma profile is flat like the Saone plane that stretches away from the Cote d'Or. Ends on cold roast beef and congealed gravy.Still has structure on the palate, good cherry and plum fruit, but the finish has dried out, like chewing on some wheat just before the harvest. The tannins add a dash of liveliness in the absence of any noticeable acidity. Impressive wine-making from Jacques Cacheux to create a Bourgogne rouge from the sun-soaked 2003 vintage that has aged this gracefully. Nevertheless, for a Bourgogne rouge this scores 20 / 30. It is 2 years too old and is a successful result from a non-classic vintage. And there I rest my jeroboam of wisdom.  


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