Monthélie 1er Cru "Vignes Rondes" 2008, Prunier-Bonheur

Another wine tasted at the domaine back in April 2012 this time a red from the fascinating 2008 vintage. Calling out the struggles of the vintage this 2008 Monthélie kicks off with ripe red currant (groseille), a light hint of cassis and then juniper. This wine is definitely fixed on the high-toned, small-sphere berries. Just a waft of secondary aromas starting to come through propelled by 25% new oak used in the elevage. This pinot is fresh, linear, lively: un vin digeste. I can imagine it as a brilliant companion for pheasant or canard à l'orange. Scores 20-22 / 30 for a Monthélie premier cru. I can see that the 2008 vintage in Monthélie will be problematic due to the rustic and somewhat unsunny terroir.


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