Mazoyères-Chambertin Grand Cru 1999, Perrot Minot

A second grand cru from Gevrey tasted alongside the Charmes 1999 from the same producer. A remarkable contrast with the Charmes. Aromas of black cherries, ripeness, cassis, a touch of fig. Shavings of black truffle. This Mazoyères-Chambertin 1999 from Perrot-Minot is big and chewy, rich and deep, complete, pleasurable. Dominated by black fruits, fresh and ripe with a cylinder of berry fruits. The style is fairly glossy and rounded with a ripe black currant finish and good length. Outpunches the Charmes. Scores 25/30 for a Gevrey Grand Cru. Photo shows pinot grapes in the Gevrey vineyards on July 29th 2011.


  1. Ammar Al-Gevrey1:20 PM

    This is a lovely wine. Rich and chewy, darkly-fruited, spice-studded, with a wonderful gamey carnality reminiscent of well-hung pheasant. Decadent.


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