Volnay 2007, Bitouzet-Prieur

Immediately on popping the cork this Volnay offers a clear whiff of rabbit hutch: straw, fur and oak. From time to time I do wonder if the domaine employs too much oak. Rather closed on the nose for the first 5 minutes, lets check back to see how it evolves. Low intensity cherry and raspberry aromas. The nose is there but it is small and squashed like the Hong Kongese nose. Strawberry but this is a fundamentally savoury wine. Murky, orange. Doesn't sing, a bit like an opera singer with a bad cold. On the palate this is equally moody. Raspberry, mineral, linear. Beech bark, chalk. This wine has pleasant features but is not wholesome. Scores 19-21 / 30 for a Volnay.  


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