Musigny Grand Cru 2010, Jacques Prieur

And now for the main course..., tasted at the domaine, this Musigny had been bottled the week before. Like many wines straight from the barrel, this Musigny had a sumptuous, deep, black cherry colour resulting in exclamations such as: "Oh! My Word!" from Ammar Al-Gevrey. Aged in 100% new oak and the wonderful pinot fruit conceals any overt oakiness. Elusive on the nose initially, it then opens up with touches of sweet tobacco (Cognac-dampened Cohiba), dark chocolate. Yet still suggestive, not evocative. The full impact of this young grand cru appears on the palate: sumptuous black fruits, luxurious cassis flavours, rich black cherry, utterly marvelous. Imagine having a deep, lingering kiss with Laetitia Casta and you will understand how this wine caresses the palate. But this is not a ripe pinot overdose since it is held together in a beguiling structure by geodesic domes of acidity and tannin. Richesse et noblesse! Scores 27-29/30 for a Musigny.   


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