Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru "Combe d'Orveaux" 2010, Jacques Prieur

Tasted at the domaine in April 2012, we felt very privileged to taste one of only 150 bottles produced of this elegant and delightful 2010 pinot from one of the most recherché premier cru vineyards on the Côte de Nuits. Like many Burgundies produced from vines in a combe (tributary valley, coombe) you get a lot of elegance and complexity due to the remnants of glacial moraines in the terroir. What's more, the Combe d'Orveaux is right next to Le Musginy! This 2010 Chambolle offers aromas of wild strawberry, rhubarb and mandarin. An appealing mix of fresh and ripe characteristics. Very fresh on the palate, lovely red fruit, pomegranite, ripe citrus undertones. Delightful balance, length, velvety texture. Yes, this wine is stupendous. Scores 26-29/30 for a Chambolle premier cru. A picture of deep satisfaction. Here are tasting notes for the Combe d'Orveaux from Bruno Clavelier in 2008 and 2009. Other producers include Anne Gros, Jean Grivot and Taupenot-Merme.    


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