Beaune 1er Cru "Grèves" 2009, Jacques Prieur

For me this lieu dit evokes the writing of Emile Zola. I think of the vines being "en grève" and holding up banners daubed with communist slogans such as: "We will not be moved" and "No vendanges without representation!". I doubt any French people would fall into this confusion because "grèves" are actually small stones ("petits cailloux"). Thus endeth the lesson in translation. Sorry. The Jacques Prieur domaine owns 1.17 hectares of Beaune-Grèves which by Burgundy standards is a large plot. Harvested from September 8th onwards, this Beaune 1er Cru from the ripe and juicy 2009 vintage has a bright, red purple colour. A nose of plum, cherry and crunchy just-picked berries. A good fresh impression for a vintage that can be like drowning in a glass of purple velvet. Excellent blend of berry flavours erring on the dark reds and purples as opposed to the medium reds and oranges that you get with brighter vintages such as 2007 and 2008. Similar to the 1999 and 2005 vintages. Much appreciated by the masses and the wine-makers. But sorry folks, 2009 is not a classic for the connaisseurs. It is delicious though. This Beaune-Grèves scores 22-24/30 for the Beaune 1er cru appellation. What is missing? Sophistication, and that is down to the vintage and the youth. Photo shows the Beaune vineyards captured early on a September 2009 morning.


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