Beaune 1er Cru "Champs-Pimont" 2009, Jacques Prieur

As with other wines, the domaine owns a large plot of 1.20 hectares in a part of this 1er cru vineyard called "Les Champs Au Pied Du Mont" of which the name on the label is a diminutive version. The chardonnay is planted on the upper part of the vineyard with a more chalky soil. Produced from relatively young 17 year old vines there is a clear limestone-mineral initial nose, fresh citrus notes, chalk, slightly nervous like a roe deer caught nibbling the daffodils in the garden of an East Hampton lawn. Imbibed this really opens up on a creamy texture, white chocolate, stylish. It is lemony, there is russet apple and a mineral finish. Significantly more complex and impressive than the "Clos de la Féguine" in this ripe 2009 vintage. Un vin digeste. Scores 23-25 / 30 for a Beaune 1er cru blanc. 


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