Volnay 2010, Michel Lafarge

This domaine, founded at the beginning of the 19th century, is based in Volnay and is one of the standard-bearers for the appellation. This 2010 Volnay starts on a nose of red currants, wild strawberry, raspberry, it is very clipped, tight and edgy. Good structure, aged in one year old oak barrels, gentle, incredible balance, very pretty. Hard to know how exactly it will evolve because these wines are made to age far beyond the usual time horizons of red Burgundy. Often they don't wake up for 10 years. Scores 23-25 / 30 for the Volnay appellation at this stage. The domaine's website has some great commentary on the climatic conditions in the last few vintages. Photo shows Volnay viewed from the top of the hill on July 30th 2011.


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