Volnay 2003, Michel Lafarge

Frédéric Lafarge who hosted the tasting was good enough to crack open this bottle of 2003 Volnay. Aside from 2004, I would consider 2003 as the most problematic vintage of the twenty-first century. An atypical result was inevitable. This Volnay 2003 from the Domaine Michel Lafarge is highly enjoyable even if somewhat peculiar. Initial aroma of cooked red wine (imagine cooking off the alcohol for a casserole). Meaty, chewy, a tad harsh, port, madeira, a dose of honey with a medjool date core flavour. Another remarkably weird 2003. And supports my criticism of the way the media assessment of vintage quality is: sunshine = quality. Mon Dieu! Scores 19-23 / 30 for a Volnay since even great wine-makers could not save the grapes from the excessive heat of 2003. Photo shows the remnants of our tasting.


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