Appellation-Specific Scoring

As Burgoblog approaches 1,000 tastings notes I realize the value that scores could provide to myself and readers alike as we seek to save time finding high quality wines. For the time being I have settled on a system which scores wines on a 0-30 scale in the context of the appellation. So a Bourgogne Blanc could score 30/30 in its own category as well as a Meursault 1er Cru. Generally one would expect the Meursault 1er Cru to be a better wine but a cross-appellation scoring system will need to wait. An appellation-specific scoring system answers the question: "How good is this wine relative to wines from the same terroir?" An appellation-based scoring system works in Burgundy. But scores don't explain style -- that will need to wait for another day. The scale is as follows:

30              the best in the appellation across all vintages
25-29         excellent for the appellation 
20-24         impressive for the appellation
15-19         good for the appellation
10-14         unfortunate for the appellation
5-9             terrible for the appellation
0-4             undrinkable

Scores are based on cross-referencing the tasting notes for each wine. Many thanks to Burgoblog contributor Ammar for advising on what would be useful for wine buyers.


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