Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru "Combe d'Orveau" 2008, Bruno Clavelier

Yet another good quality wine tasted at the domaine in April 2011. This Chambolle 1er Cru "Combe d'Orveau" 2008 is an interesting contrast with the 2009 vintage. In fact it would be harder to find a trio of pinot vintages which differ as much as 2007 (floral, bright, medium-bodied, fresh), 2008 (spicy, masculine, backwards, intense) and 2009 (ripe, open, tannic, broad, structured). Blind tasters take note! Bruno Clavelier described this wine as having "tonicité" so more Jennifer Ennis (as in photo) than Mme de Pompadour (the fruity 2009). Onto the wine: red fruits, bright, fairly quiet nose, hints of cinnamon. Very fresh red berry fruit on the palate with a high level of persistence, really fresh lively finish, still integrating and evolving. A touch of sucrosité on the lips at the end. Like many other 2008s this is a vin de garde and will require at least another 5 years before opening up to what I expect will be a multi-dimensional wine (but not multi-layered) with a wide range of fascinating tertiary characteristics.


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