Bâtard-Montrachet 2008, Bachelet-Ramonet

There are just 11.87 hectares of Bâtard to be shared by a global population of a billion wine drinkers representing just 68,000 bottles in an average year. The appellation is fragmented across around 30 producers the biggest being Domaine Leflaive with a whopping 2 hectares. Bachelet-Ramonet is in the top five with 56 acres. This Bâtard starts with pain grillé from the 35% Tronçais new oak barrels which have a tighter grain offering more finesse. Rounded, good structure, still figuring out its personality. Will fill out but doesn't have the concentration found in other grands crus. Then again, the price is much more friendly and its still a real pleasure! Photo shows a horse ploughing the Bâtard-Montrachet vineyard in July 2010.


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