Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru "Les Montchenevoy" 2007, Patrick Javillier

One of the many good things about blind tasting is that the wine's label has no impact on one's appreciation of the wine. I confess though that I am a sucker for labels which evoke Bacchic riot and the Javillier label has more than a hint of over-flowing Roman amphorae. This 2007 red Savigny 1er Cru has a glorious rich red colour with a rim of hen pheasant plumage. Announced by red currant coulis, blood orange, cinnamon, marjoram -- sweet herbs on the nose -- the dominant flavour is of wonderful pure red berry fuit ending on touches of pomegranite. Fully evolved. A vin digeste which is representative of the 2007 vintage. Consume by the end of 2012. Photo shows the renowned Piemonte specialist Ammar getting a lesson in pinots in the Javillier cellar in Meursault.


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