Chambertin Grand Cru 2007, Domaine Trapet

The contrast between this 2007 Chambertin and the 2008 Chambertin tells you all you need to know about the thrills and spills of Burgundy vintages. The terroir and the wine-maker assure the quality level is great and the vintage has a powerful influence on the characteristics. This is why we need to buy in every vintage! This 2007 Chambertin from Domaine Trapet starts on a bouquet of violets and cassis. This is a sweet, flattering almost feminine wine on the nose. The Trapet domaine offers us a Chambertin with superb berry fruit, sheer quality shines through, cassis, sweet raspberry, wild strawberry, very consistent and long. Pleasant to taste now. An absolute joy of a wine. Photo shows wild strawberries (fragaria vasca).


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