Chablis 1er Cru "Montée de Tonnerre" 2001, Domaine Raveneau

Raveneau is a legendary Chablis producer, possibly THE legendary Chablis producer. The odd thing is that there doesn't seem to be anything spectacular about the wine-making: hand-picked grapes, earlier harvest to preserve acidity, fermentation in stainless steel followed by ageing for 18 months in oak feuilletes with at least 7 years of age. Perhaps it is the low yields which contribute so much. This 10 year old Chablis 1er Cru has a thick yellow colour. Initial aromas of crushed sea shells and Jurassic chalk cliffs. Evolves to honeysuckle and fresh apricot, tangerine and a splash of lemon. On the palate this Raveneau offers fresh citrus fruits and yellow peach with a mineral finish. Elegant, stimulating and masterful. A splendid wine to accompany the view of Paris offered by our table at La Tour d'Argent and the fabulous Escargots des Murailles au velouté de persillade.


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