Sancerre "La Moussière" 2010, Alphonse Mellot

I was Protestant, I visited a Catholic church, I am now ecumenical... During a four hour tasting Alphonse Mellot convinced me that the pinot noirs from Sancerre should be included in Burgoblog. Where else could these pinots rub shoulders with fellow French pinot noir wines? Even the officials are confused, until recently the sauvignon blancs from Pouilly-Fumé were governed and marketed by the Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne. Cometh the terroir and cepage, cometh the blog and palate. This entry-level Sancerre pinot has cherry, plum and violet aromas. Crunchy, structured, butch. At present it wears the cloak of oak heavily but will blend with the ripe fruit. Drink from mid-2012 onwards with red meat. In a blind tasting, I imagine I would place this as an Italian or Langeudoc pinot. Too big and ripe to be Burgundy.


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