Fixin "Les Herbues" 2009, Domaine Defrance

I wonder if the ancestors of this family wandered far and wide and were obliged to tell people where they originated from. I've never met someone called "Mr Fromengland". Poor little Fixin, just 4,000 hl compared to 20,000 hl produced by big brother Gevrey. No wonder my Fixin bottle count is so low. After a buttered trout and a glass of Fixin blanc Au Clos Napoleon in Fixin I felt obliged to buy a case from a hitherto unknown producer. The labels from this domaine are perhaps the most picturesque of all time and would certainly please people who select their wine based on how nice red candles would look when stuck in the top and planted on the dining table. How about this wine? Black fruits, a dose of myrtilles, mashed sweet chestnut, brambles, cassis. Strangely for a Fixin, this is already drinking well now. Background licorice, good balance, pleasant fruit concentration. Best imbibed within the next 18 months. A fantastic price/quality combination! Photo shows the iconic circular corner tower on the main road through Fixin.


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