Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits 2005, A F Gros

This may have been given to me as a present by Anne Francoise Gros to be shared with friends. Since my friends don't read this blog they will never know what they missed. Imbibed on the terrace in Puligny this chardonnay from the high plains above the Côte d'Or proper had a disconcerting dark yellow colour reminiscent of something unspeakable but known to all. Ahem. A fulsome nose of white asparagus, wheat and melted butter. Strong and consistent aromas. Sur le palais: cooked lemon, broad and flat like the Champagne region. This is due to the fruit drying out. Slightly oxidized on the finish. Salty mid-palate. Saline, almost sour on the gums. An element of pine kernel if heavily masticated. Pretty much what one would expect then from a 6 year old Hautes-Côtes. Photo shows an Hautes-Côtes vineyard in August 2011 surrounded by pine trees.


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