Meursault 1er Cru "Charmes" 2002, Guy Bocard

Guy Bocard warmed up to the wine-tasting banter going on between the five Burgoblog tasters and generously shared a couple of older wines with us. The "warm cat fur" tasting note brought the comment: "N'importe quoi!" from the wine-maker. This Meursault-Charmes 2002, known as a big vintage, has a honey colour, thick legs, bronze colour. Pastry crust, white honey, pineapple, ripe orange fruits with layers of clementine and pear. Long rounded and lush. Has a good acidity coats the throat. Ripe fruits on the finish. Intense. Superb example of mature Burgundy. A wine to be savoured and remembered. Photo shows the Meursault-Charmes vineyard in July 2007


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