Bourgogne Blanc 2008, Guy Bocard

Having visited Guy Bocard's Meursault domaine in 1999 and in 2004 it was a pleasure to return for a tasting in May 2011. The tasting started on the wrong foot because we woke M. Bocard from his siesta and then one of our party, Peter "Jenson" Buttonhurst, asked M Bocard "Est-ce que vous avez une salle de bains?" which M Bocard took as a suggestion that he needed to take a shower. After clarifying his request and a thorough round of apologies we got the tasting started with this Bourgogne Blanc 2008. White flowers on the nose rich and fat with good length peach sweetness nice line of acidity. a lovely little wine with meursault characteristics. no new oak. 7-8 year old barrels. This was a hit with the tasting team and very good value to boot.


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