Meursault 2007, Domaine Matrot

When tasting the Meursault 2009 I was wondering out loud if the mineral-style Matrot wines would develop a hint of honey. And then Elsa kindly opened this Meursault 2007 which starts on... a clear note of white honey! For a 2007 this already seems expressive, a majestic nose of pecan pie, orange zest, real attack on the palate, very sharp lemon and lime, mineral. Dare I say it almost like a Chablis 1er Cru when it was tasted. I mean Chablis in a good way as I tried to explain to Elsa and Thierry Matrot. When in a hole stop digging... Most importantly this is the 2007 vintage through-and-through: an expressive nose from a very warm spring and zingy acidity and minerality from a cool summer. Excellent combination.


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