Monthélie 2005, Petitjean-Damy

This 2005 managed to sink lower in my esteem even than the 2003 which itself was grim. An unstoppable aroma of tree bark (from dirty barrels?), tannic, heavy oak structure, no obvious fruit, stones and vine roots. Where did all the rich berry fruit from 2005 go? Only two things were worse than this during the Monthélie weekend: 1) Being ushered deep into a wine-maker's cellar and being offered a flight of 2004 reds (I feel sorry for wine-makers sitting on litres of 2004 but it was a crap year and the wines are getting worse and worse); 2) A drunk woman singing karaoke at 3pm with the backing track from some trashy French romantic tunes from the early 80s. Eek.


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