Pouilly-Fumé 2008, Domaine Seguin

That's right, I claim Pouilly-Fumé for the Duchy of Burgundy! Pouilly-sur-Loire is on the east bank of the Loire river and is in the département of the Nièvre which is owned by the Dukes of Burgundy. After all they make barrel-aged pinot in Sancerre just across the river so why exclude Pouilly-Fumé simply because it is not produced from chardonnay? Are there any affinities between a Pouilly-Fumé a Chablis and possibly an Aligoté? This Burgundian sauvignon blanc has a bright, sharp citrus nose. Very clean and fresh. Zesty. Sharp, citrus fruit on the palate with a core of lemon and flanges of line and unripe orange. This is eye-squinching stuff and closer to a very tight Chablis than anything from the Côte d'Or. Almost too tart for meaty fish like swordfish caught off the Sri Lankan coast but a good antidote to a sole meunière flapping about in a puddle of butter.


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