Gevrey-Chambertin "La Romanée" 2001, Domaine des Varoilles

Domaine des Varoilles is in Gevrey but I have not yet visited for a tasting. Remarkably "Le Clos des Varoilles" must have been an appellation in the 12th century because Le Chapitre de Langres (fantastic cheese if you haven't tried it - best companion is Marc de Bourgogne) bought a parcelle in 1272. Put that in your pipe and smoke it all you New World pinot growers! Tasted in the Duke of Wellington in Marylebone this Gevrey showed jolly well. Pleasantly evolved, rounded, a good blend of red berry fruits and oak aromas. This Gevrey 2001 has aged well and hit its apogee in after 10 years. Confirms the quality of the 2001 vintage: fine, complex and elegant.


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