Meursault "Clos du Domaine" 2009, Henri Darnat

In July 2009 I visited the domaine and found the minerality-focused style fascinating -- similar to somewhere like Domaine Droin in Chablis. In August 2010 I tried the Auxey-Duresses 2007 I had bought at the domaine in 2009 and it seemed far too young. Has M. Darnat been able to tame the ripe 2009 vintage? Yes. This Meursault 2009 is fragrant, floral. A second wave of aromas are composed of flint stones and citrus fruit. Linear, citrus, pure and mineral with a tart finish. This is the Darnat style through and through. Not so reflective of 2009 or indeed at this stage Meursault. Very good nonetheless. How will this be in 2015 I wonder? Tasted courtesy of the Corney & Barrow Burgundy 2009 tasting.


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