Clos de Vougeot "Cuvée Classique" 2009, Château de la Tour

This is the only Clos de Vougeot which is vinified within the Clos de Vougeot and Châateau de la Tour is the largest vineyard owner in the Clos with 5.48 hectares of the 50.5 hectare appellation. This doesn't wow me however because I have a healthy scepticism about Clos de Vougeot and its so tannic when young its tough to taste. I haven't been overly impressed by this wine in the 2007 and 1988 vintages. This 2009 has a different impact: sweet-toned raspberries, soft spices. Its a really big fruit-dominated wine on the palate, layers of ripe black fruits, as a big as Nôtre-Dame cathedral. The robust structure is lurking in the background and there is a heavy fruit finish. A powerful wine and perhaps the ripe 2009 vintage suits the Clos de Vougeot. Bravo. Tasted courtesy of the svelt and charming Mari at the Corney & Barrow Burgundy 2009 tasting.


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