Beaune 1er Cru "Grèves" 2009, Tollot-Beaut

In the past I have waxed lyrical about the wines from Tollot-Beaut who are located in the unsung village of Chorey-les-Beaune. The Beaune 1er Cru 2006 was quiet on the nose but exploded on the palate when tasted in January 2008. This Beaune 2009 from Tollot-Beaut is closed on the nose. When tasted it doesn't have the wow factor of the 2006: very fresh, zippy berries, round, a good dose of alcohol and warms into a sweeter fruit-driven wine. Not convincing compared to other 2009 pinots. Tasted courtesy of the Justerini & Brooks Burgundy 2009 tasting.


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