Saint-Romain "Sous Le Château" 2008, Sébastien Magnien

The Saint-Romain lieu dit "Sous Le Château" is reputed to be the best in the village and hopes are high that the INAO will bless it with premier cru status one day. Yet Meursault doesn't have a grand cru vineyard but the quality (and price) often exceeds the Puligny/Chassagne grands crus. To the blind taster all badges, escutcheons and etiquettes are invisible. Onto the wine: orange, pear, a pleasant and thick, juicy weight on the palate. Good orange-flavoured finish, very much on the citrus. Savoury elements will become more prominent. Needs another 18 months to open up. Imagine would partner a herb-roasted coquelet. Photo is a view from Saint-Romain Le Haut in February 2008.


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