Meursault "Les Meix Chavaux" 2007, Sébastien Magnien

What does "Meix Chavaux" mean? Another oddity of Burgundy. Possibly a Yorkshire-man passed by 200 years ago and with a terrible French accent asked: "Où sont mes chevaux?". On ne saurait jamais. Une note boisé au début et puis tarte citron comme on le voit à la boulangerie à Puligny. Layers of lemon and orange fruit interspersed with white honey and slices of refreshing pear and strawberry (lets not be afraid of red fruit juices appearing in white wines!). A mineral finish with good, fresh acidity. This is a significantly more weighty wine than Les Grand Charrons. Partner with coquilles St Jacques or possion en sauce. Or if you feel adventurous un nougat de lapin. Photo shows the Meursault vineyards hard by Volnay in mid-July 2010.


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