Ladoix 2007, Capitain-Gagnerot

The Burgoblog tasting team call a spade a spade: "Un mauvais vin, c'est un mauvais vin". Its never a happy moment for us or the producer especially when it is a cherished domaine. But the Ladoix 2007 from Capitain-Gagnerot is not correct. The colour is light ruby with little depth, very transparent; the nose is torrefied, like a Beaujolais, and wanders from tea to beetroot to sweet strawberry and balsa wood. Very sweet. Better on the palate with fresh red berry flavours although comes up short. The wine isn't off because the domaine has started using man-made corks, but something has gone wrong in the vinification process. So disappointing this Ladoix 2007 is not even drinkable.


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