Meursault "Clos de la Velle" 2008, Château de la Velle

Tasted at the domaine in Meursault, the Clos de la Velle lieu dit is a monopoly of the Darviot family but not just the Château de la Velle. The terroir is on the valley floor indicating a soil with more clay depth and less limestone. The wine kicks off with warm apricot aromas, hints of strawberry juice, nectarine and overall a pleasant bouquet. Citrus and mineral freshness on the palate, good acidity, surprisingly sharp with some fatness on the finish. Like all chardonnays this will flesh out on the palate in 2 years time. I'm a big fan of the low levels of new oak used in vinification (10%). Burgundy as a whole has learnt the error of following Parker's dictates from the 1990s. Photo shows a pruning tractor in Meursault vineyards July 2010.


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