Ladoix 1er Cru "Les Gréchons et Foutrières" 2006, Capitain-Gagnerot

The Capitain-Gagnerot domaine switched to a high-quality synthetic cork about 5 years ago and this Ladoix 1er Cru sports a man-made cork. The 06 vintage was fairly warm and this white Burgundy has a medium yellow colour, more melon than straw. When first opened the wine was slightly pétillant in the glass, just tiny bubbles attached to the glass surface. Nothing wrong with the wine but this would horrify traditionalists. We tasted the wine in the ideal conditions of a pre-opera picnic at Glyndebourne opera house accompanied by the sounds of tenors warming up their voices and sheep bleating in the background. A broad bouquet of yellow fruits and orange citrus that runs from melon and clementine to pears, almonds and a sappy edge. Aromas that are deep and summery without edge from fruit acidity. The almond and clementine theme continues on the palate with a full fruity and savoury style. Just a hint of minerality. A lovely segue into a perfect production of Mozart's most musically complete opera, Cosi fan tutte.


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