Ladoix 1er Cru "Le Bois Roussot" 2005, Capitain-Gagnerot

This is a Napoleonic domaine, founded in 1802, perhaps when the Burgundy bourgeois acquired the estates of the Church and Nobles. I have no doubt that the bourgeois money -makers produced finer wines than monks and aristos. Ladoix is an unsung appellation which is located down the slope from the hill of Corton and north of Chorey. This Ladoix 1er cru has a beautiful, rich ruby red colour worthy of the lips painted by Johannes Vermeer. Soft strawberry, ripe raspberry, vanilla, blueberry yoghurt. Juicy and fresh berry fruits, simple, enjoyable, tasty. A happy clappy wine! Photo shows M. Capitain in the cellar, October 2009.


  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Nice comparison with Vermeer! I am driving to Dijon on Saturday and keen to bring back some treats. Its an overwhelming selection - I would appreciate some tips for a few reds in the modest 20 Euros a bottle range and some whites, A starter pack if you like and a little overwhelmed with the choices. Or is that the point?!

  2. Hello, strangely you will find that Dijon itself does not have a good wine selection. If you want to buy retail you should got to Nuits St Georges or better still Beaune which has a vast selection. The caveau in Chassagne is good value. For moderately priced quality producers try Dupont-Tisserandot in Gevrey, Capitain-Gagnerot in Ladoix and Rollin in Pernand. Bon voyage! Dr Burgundy


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