Volnay 2003, Domaine Glantenay

Tasting note from valued contributor Andy Cowper. I trembled when I saw the opening line on the tasting notes "beware the plastic cork". Sounds like a Nightmare on Volnay Street. I quote: "Domaine Glantenay is a domaine I found right at the very beginning of my Burgundy tasting career. You couldn't miss Domaine Glantenay as you drive up into Volnay as they are opposite the parking and Mairie, and have boards advertising their presence on the street. The vigneron - of whom perhaps more another time - was elusive. We had a frightening experience with one of the elusive vigneron's neighbours, taking us into a very sinister cave with his vintage mother and serving us frightening wine. The 'escape' bottles we bought to escape alive turned out to be ... you guessed it, frightening. As in dreadful. Drawing the unexpectedly plastic cork on this wine reveals a fresh but jammy monster. There is no hint of pinot or structure, let alone Volnay elegance; more a sugar rush. Yes, 2003 was a very hot summer. Bad year to put your wines under plastic cork, maybe. An hour or more of oxygen has done nothing to improve its subtlety. Three bottles of this indifferent altar wine remain in my cellar." I invite other Burgoblog readers to share their horror stories and save everyone else the pain!


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