Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru "Les Perrières" 2001, Etienne Sauzet

Only from a sense of completeness and duty do I include these tastings notes on this venerable blog. As my long-time tasting companion Tom Heide swooned over the aromas, our friend Kirsten of Queen's Park blurted out: "If I were to stick a candle in one [of these bottles], I would stick it in that one [the Puligny from Etienne Sauzet]". Now it is an interesting concept for the readers of Burgoblog to select wines on the basis of which bottle would look best with a candle stuck in the top. And the additional words of advice from Remus, "Smells like something... does it smell like rhubarb and custard sweets?", deepened the mystery. Then Kirsten alarmingly concluded: "I wouldn't say its great for candles, but of the two [the other being the Marc Morey Chassagne 1er Cru 2005] its the best fork handles." For readers frustrated by this strange tale of candles and Burgundies the full tasting notes from a prior sampling of this wonderful Puligny 1er Cru can be found here.


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