La Grande Rue Grand Cru 2008, Francois Lamarche

This Grand Cru appellation is virtually unknown because it is incredibly small (just 1.65 hectares producing an average of 8,000 bottles a year) and is a monopoly of Domaine Francois Lamarche. For comparison, Echézeaux is 38 hectares with an average production of 158,000 bottles. So La Grande Rue is a rare wine indeed! What's more it is absolutely brilliant. Remarkable concentration of perfectly crushed fruit with a lasting impression on the palate. Superb quality that brings a tear to the eye. Blueberry, velvet, black currant and wild forest strawberry all make an appearance. Where does this spectacular quality form from? La Grande Rue runs down the side of La Romanée, La Romanée-Conti and Romanée St Vivant. QED.


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