Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru 2008, Drouhin-Laroze

I have visited the Drouhin-Laroze domaine many times and have much enjoyed tastings led by the charming Christine Drouhin. I have also found that their Gevrey village appellation is extraordinarily reliable (like a non-vintage Pol Roger champagne) and of superb quality. What about this Bonnes-Mares 2008? Recently-bottled the nose is mute. After some evolution in the glass plum, black cherry and black currant scents creep out pointing to deeper pleasures in the future. This Bonnes-Mares is mind-blowingly rich on the palate due to its superb ripeness and crystalline fruit combined with finesse, elegance and length. With so many dimensions to enjoy the sensation is like wandering around the Musée d’Orsay looking at marvellous paintings such as "L'origine du monde" by Courbet whilst being fed delightful ripe berries.


  1. I tasted the 2008 Bonnes Mares during Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne, among some other wines of the domaine, and it really stood out as a very good wine. Although travelling very often in Burgundy (as a wine writer, my fields to cover is Burgundy and California), this was the firs time I really tasted through many wines from Drouhin-Laroze. I was very impressed, indeed, and on my next trip, I'll set up a rendez-vous at the domaine.

    Michel Jamais



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