Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru "Les Orveaux" 2002, Mongeard-Mugneret

I started buying from this domaine in 1995. Around 2006 or so I lost faith in the quality control and haven't been back. This Vosne 1er Cru has a beautiful, mature pinot colour. Immediate aromas of trompettes mushrooms, vanilla and wild strawberry. This is a soft, sweet, caressing wine that becomes more mushroomy, bready and ends of snails and chestnuts. As is often the case with complex aromatic wines, this is a shock on the palate: tangy, acidity, fresh, its a food wine, slightly sour, a cherry edge. The palate has already peaked despite the excellent fruit quality, it has moved into a drier phase. Sweet berry core wrapped in a sour cherry wrapper. Fascinating on the nose but not so enjoyable on the palate.


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