Saint-Aubin "La Princée" 2008, Hubert Lamy

Tasted at the domaine, this 2008 Saint-Aubin white had been recently bottled. Hubert Lamy's son, Olivier Lamy has been making the wine for several years and the quality is consistently high. This delicious village-level wine has aromas of lemon, ripe lime and baked apple. Incredibly clean fruit on the palate which produce a delightful tingling sensation and a lovely fresh finish. Good minerality that is complemented by ageing in just 10% new oak barrels. Good Burgundy producers continue to move away from the oak-dominated wines of the 1990s and early 2000s. Bravo! The photo shows a Saint-Aubin vineyard above the village in April 2009 just before budding.


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