Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru 1966, Potinet-Ampeau

If you are rubbing your eyes trying to focus on the label in the photo let me reassure you... this is a 1966 vintage Meursault. I pulled the cork from this bottle with the "old cork tongs" which avoid crumbling dry cork fragments into the bottle. And the result? Stupendous. The superb, limpid, gold sovereign colour had great depth and clarity. Initial aromas of candied orange, balsa, cedar (dried slightly spicy wood), eau de vie. Really soft and beguiling aromas reminiscent of ancient Carthage as described by Flaubert. Amazingly alive still on the palate with flavours of marinaded plums. Tertiary aromas close out the nose: Christmas cake and white chocolate. This wine is so evolved it has created its own flavours that can not be traced to the grape and the vine. There is still balance, freshness, a hint of golden syrup, autumn Bramley apples just turning. Tasted with a plum tart which was the perfect companion. The only question I am left with: did I open this too early?


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