Vosne-Romanée 2001, Jacques Cacheux

I have not yet died of gout! My hand was wavering between a Chinon and this Vosne. The Chinon remains in my cellar. Its a 1989 and has been there for 15 years because I always pick a Burgundy. "Che sera sera", so said Doctor Faustus. This is a thick, dark, velvety red wine which still surprises with some purple tints. What a volley of violets it starts with! Uber-ripe red rhubarb, black cherries, plums soft cinnamon and nutmeg spice. This is a mouth-fillingly rich wine with the full Vosne structure. Excellent balance and a long savoury finish. Perfect with sanglier or chevreuil. "Quel knock!" comme on dit pendant un jeu de cricket.


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