Saint-Romain 2006, Jacques Bavard

Sur la langue, le vin parle. On pourrait aussi dire: sur la langue, le vin bavarde. This 2006 Saint-Romain from the hitherto unknown domaine Bavard located in Puligny turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Rich brassy colour and very clear. Super aromas of white peach, soft dried apricot, white mountain honey, acacia. A soft textured wine. very much on the fruit, a dry slightly mineral finish with a touch of walnut. Already flattering, juicy, white asparagus. Perfect for the début de repas. A Saint-Romain that is un peu pulignifié. Does anyone know anything about the mysterious Jacques Bavard? Labivin provides the answer. Jacques Bavard was previously the owner of « Au bourguignon du Marais » in Paris and started making wine (again) in 2004. They have 1.5 hectares and act as a negociant for another 1.5 hectares. I wish Jacques and his wife Christine good luck with the new enterprise!


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  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I. I knew Jacques and Christine Bavard when they had this cosi restaurant in Paris,a nice place for lunch or dîner in the heart of one of the most beautiful place in the city, the Marais. Now, they live in the heart of the burgandy vineyard, a nice place to stay also and travel as well, the famous Puligny-Montrachet. Even Hitchcock was fond of the wine produced in that place. There, The Bavard make wine of course, like this excellent Saint-Romain, but not only. They have just open an elegant and cosi chambre d'hôte that allowes the visitors to take time to taste all their choice wines as part of a tour in this wine région.
    So, don't hesitate to visit Jacques and Christine Bavard in Puligny and have a good trip and a nice stay. I have tasted for you.



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