Saint-Romain 2006, Jacques Bavard

Sur la langue, le vin parle. On pourrait aussi dire: sur la langue, le vin bavarde. This 2006 Saint-Romain from the hitherto unknown domaine Bavard located in Puligny turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Rich brassy colour and very clear. Super aromas of white peach, soft dried apricot, white mountain honey, acacia. A soft textured wine. very much on the fruit, a dry slightly mineral finish with a touch of walnut. Already flattering, juicy, white asparagus. Perfect for the début de repas. A Saint-Romain that is un peu pulignifié. Does anyone know anything about the mysterious Jacques Bavard? Labivin provides the answer. Jacques Bavard was previously the owner of « Au bourguignon du Marais » in Paris and started making wine (again) in 2004. They have 1.5 hectares and act as a negociant for another 1.5 hectares. I wish Jacques and his wife Christine good luck with the new enterprise!


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