Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 1989, Armand Rousseau

This is not just another entry in Burgoblog. This is history -- one of the ten best Burgundies I have tasted in 20 years. Brick, foxy, marinaded cherry colour. Then an incredible, multi-layered nose that would have impressed even Louis XIV with its wisdom. Pheasant, partridge blood, roast orange, cloves. The potency and variation is tremendous. Concentrated berries, suave rumtopf, arrow root, more orange in the background. The aromas ebb and flow. A truely great wine. Lovely balance on the palate that combines integrated berry fruit, sweet spices and fruit acidity freshness. Red currant, orange, cassis. Incredibly fine wine on a par with the Rokeby Venus. Words can not express the true experience. Châpeau!

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