Chorey-lès-Beaune "Pièce du Chapitre" 2007, Tollot-Beaut

Courtesy of the Bibendum Burgundy tasting 2007. I've had the pleasure of tasting the Chorey 2005 and Chorey 2006 from the same producer. Both of them excellent glossy wines that far exceed the lowly expectations one has of Chorey wines (the vineyards are on the "green plain" not on the "golden hill"). Bright ruby colour, rhubarby, high-toned, red currant that evolves to raspberry and custard tart. Becomes a surprisingly sweet nose. Balanced, medium to light body with some sharp edges. Yes another very enjoyable wine demonstrating excellent consistency. Photo: this random punter thinks he is helping with the high quality content on the blog but regrettably picked up the wrong bottle to match this tasting note.

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