Meursault "Clos de la Velle" 2006, Château de la Velle

The wines from the Chateau de la Velle domaine, made by the owner of the château Bertrand Darviot, are hard to find outside France. A shame since they produce Meursault, Beaune, Savigny and regional appellations. This Meursault "Clos de la Velle" is punchy on the nose expressing almonds, walnuts, oak and citrus fruits. Rich, plenty of oak tannins, heavily structured, a real Suffolk barn of a wine. This sturdy Meursault would stand up to a Côte de Veau or a roast partridge. Bertrand Darviot practices frequent bâtonnage (lees stirring) which tends to produce a paler wine and one that is less tannic. Interestingly this Meursault doesn't express too much oak on the nose but has plentiful tannins on the palate. A savoury monster which requires another 4 years of maturation before it will soften and offer tertiary aromas of trompette mushrooms, cloves and feuilles d'automne.


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