Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru 1997, Potinet-Ampeau

Back in 1993 I had an excellent dinner accompanied by Potinet-Ampeau's glorious 1976 and 1978 Meursault-Perrières. In 2006 I bought 8 bottles of their Meursault-Charmes from the domaine stretching back to 1966! Unfortunately... having tasted three of the Potinet-Ampeau Meursault-Charmes from different vintages, including this more recent 1997, I have to conclude that they have serious problems in the way they cellar their wines. Its possible that the wines got toasted in the super-hot 2003 summer. But I can't recommend anybody buy wines from them that pre-date 2003. Meursault-Charmes should not be used for pasta sauces and risotto alla milanese but what else can you do with chardonnay sherry?


  1. Bonjour d'autres vins goutés par un autre amateur de Bourgogne !


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